Living in Scotland

Many people choose Scotland because a lot of different career opportunities but also because of a chance to improve their quality of life. Besides the fact that house prices are lower there you can enjoy a wide range of activities and beautiful nature. Whether you are a fan of golf, skiing or rafting or a fan of wild city life of Glasgow, you will find a way to satisfy your needs.


Balance of a healthy life

Finding a perfect balance in your life is the most important thing to do if you want to be healthy and happy. In some countries, this is almost impossible, but here in Scotland balance is all you that you are going to get. The best way achieves this is to live in a village near the business center, thanks to perfect and modern transport links you won’t have any 

need to use a car. You will save your money and time this way. The best part of Scotland is daylight summer; you will manage to do everything during the day because it remains light up to 11 pm, so you can have plenty of time to get out. There is nothing healthier that being in daylight.

Expenses of life

The first thing that every person wants to avoid is certainly the taxes. If you decide to live in Scotland, you will enjoy all possible benefits such as sick pay, or maternity pay, state pension or child benefit paid by taxes. Personally, my favorite part of Scotland law is the perfect vacation scheme. Your holiday is paid here, and it is a reward for your hard work.


Benefits of life in Scotland



As we have already mentioned the transport is certainly one of the benefits of the life in Scotland. The fact that you don’t have to use car tells a lot about the ease of your everyday life. This way you will avoid a lot of stress, and you will be able to have shorter working days and to take some rest on the way home because you are not the one who is driving.

Leisure activities

Shorter working days mean more time for you and your leisure activities. The offer is enormous; you can choose between theater, nightlife or, if you are a family person, a lot of leisure activities for you and your children together. The sport has a very important role in Scotland’s everyday life, and you can enjoy in the competitiveness of a Scottish temper. You will certainly find something for yourself between rugby, golf, and my favorite 

Highland Games. If you are not familiar with this sports, that means you weren't in Scotland. It is their traditional kind of games, and a lot of visitors is delighted with it. Once you try it, you will never stop playing it. Soon or later you will become a part of some local club and become a participant in the future sports events because that’s the way it is in Scotland and it is a part of their life.


My Posts About Scotland

Food and Drink Festivals in Scotland

When you think of Scotland, for most people the first thing that comes to mind is Scottish whiskey. Although this drink is worldwide famous and very appreciated. Scotland has a lot more to offer when it comes to drink and food. 
Haggis is certainly the most popular Scottish traditional dish, and you should not skip it when you are in Scotland. It is not the best looking meal in the world, but it certainly makes up for the look with its deliciousness. Other than haggis, make sure to try Scotch broth, Lorne sausage, Scotch beef, Scottish wild salmon, Ayrshire Dunlop cheese, Arbroath smokies and various Scotch pies. Read more...

Scottish Lifestyle: The Kilt

The garment that made Scotland famous all around the world is an integral part of a Scotsman’s formal attire nowadays. The kilt is a skirt-type piece of clothing, made most commonly of wool and with a tartan pattern and reaching the knees in length. It was an everyday garment for Scottish men in the 17th century in the Highlands, but in the 19th century, the kilt grew to be one of the main associations with the Scottish identity and culture and a connection to the Celtic (Gaelic) traditions. Recently, the kilt gained even greater popularity as an informal piece of clothing, worn everyday. Read more...

Reshape Your Lifestyle By Moving To Scotland

Scotland is not only a beautiful place for you to visit and go on a holiday, but it is not a great place to live. If you are thinking about relocating to Scotland, there are many reasons why this may prove to be an excellent choice.
If you are looking for a place where you can make a fresh start, you should definitely take Scotland into consideration. There are in fact many reasons why Scotland is a great place for you to live in, and today I would like to discuss some of the main reasons why many people I know have decided to move to Scotland, and haven’t regretted this decision. Read more...

Scottish Lifestyle: Sports

An integral part of Scottish culture is sport. One of the main factors that led to the development of all-weather sports like football, rugby union and golf is the temperate, oceanic climate predominant in Scotland. Many other sports are also enjoyed in Scotland with different degrees of popularity.
Scottish people and emigrants have played a very important role in the history of sports in general. Innovations in the field of sports include important developments in golf, rugby union, curling, and cycling, as well as introducing the Highland games and shinty. Highland games were a major inspiration for Baron Coubertin to re-introduce the concept of the Olympic games and shinty is a predecessor of modern ice hockey and bandy. Read more...

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