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Food and Drink Festivals in Scotland

When you think of Scotland, for most people the first thing that comes to mind is Scottish whisky. Although this drink is worldwide famous and very appreciated. Scotland has a lot more to offer when it comes to drink and food.

Traditional drinks and food in Scotland

Haggis is certainly the most popular Scottish traditional dish, and you should not skip it when you are in Scotland. It is not the best looking meal in the world, but it certainly makes up for the look with its deliciousness. Other than haggis, make sure to try Scotch broth, Lorne sausage, Scotch beef, Scottish wild salmon, Ayrshire Dunlop cheese, Arbroath smokies and various Scotch pies.

When it comes to drinks, aside from whiskey, there are also many types of Scottish beer, gin, cider and wine. Whiskey is the national drink of Scotland. You will sometimes hear that orange soft drink, Irn Bru, is the second Scottish national drink.

Food festivals

Scotland has plenty of food festivals throughout the year, celebrating national cuisine, but also modern and innovative dishes. These are some of the festivals you can visit, enjoy great food and even learn how to prepare it:

BBC Good Food Show – it has been ten years since BBC Good Food Show was first held in Glasgow. This festival gathers different food exhibitors from all over UK, together with thousands of visitors. At the show, you can attend food and kitchenware presentations, try different dishes and drinks and learn something new from successful food festival
Foodies Festival Christmas – November in Edinburgh is the month for Foodies festival. The rule of the event is to come with an empty stomach and prepare for the culinary journey around the world. The exhibitors make and offer high-quality food from all over the globe, and there is something for everyone’s taste.

Dundee Flower and Food Festival – this is one of the largest annual events in Dundee. Every year it attracts around 20,000 visitors and exhibitors from all over the country. Here you can taste local food from the area together with famous Scottish dishes. And of course – Scotch whisky and other drinks.

Drink festivals

As you can guess, drink festivals in Scotland are often dedicated to whiskey. What’s more, May is proclaimed Whisky Month in Scotland, so it is packed with events dedicated to the “water of life”, as Gaels call it. However, there are other drink festivals in Scotland as well.

scotland tea festivalScotland’s Tea Festival – British people are famous for their love for tea, and Scotland’s Tea Festival is the place to celebrate this love. It is a big tea party, with teas from all over the world, and also the treats that make the part of tea drinking routine.

FyneFest – FyneFest’s reputation has been rising over the past couple of years. It is one of the most popular beer festivals to attend, and it is held every June in Cairndow.

Spirit of Speyside – of course, we cannot omit whiskey when writing about Scotland’s drink festivals. Spirit of Speyside is one of the largest whisky festivals in the world, offering spirit tasting, distillery tours and whisky schools to all visitors.

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